Friday, May 09, 2008

Letter from England

David sent the following to us in an email this week. As you know from last week's post, he is in England as a student taking part in a six week study tour. I believe I mentioned last week that David is on the autism spectrum. But the following made me think about who really has the disability? Susan.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Although I am pretty wowed and excited about this trip, there is also this weight on me that I'm feeling. I feel somewhat sad and depressed as well. Part of it I guess is this sense of desperation that I have for the people around me. They don't know Christ, and they have no idea about the life that God intended us to have. I have compassion for them. Please pray for me that I can be a good witness for God in this place.

It's very different than when I was living at Newman House. (Note from Susan: Newman House is a Roman Catholic community where David lived this past year at Queen's). How did we get to be a society that only seems to question morality, and never questions it to build it except when we can use certain values to destroy others in a hippocritical fashion? Haven't you ever noticed how those who shout "tolerance" the loudest not only badly define tolerance if they define it at all, but they usually don't even show any toward those people that they accuse? I'm sure society has always had this problem.

Today, I was part of a conversation at a table at lunch. One girl talked about how her boyfriend always ends up in her bed against her parents direction and another said, "awww" as if it was supposed to be good and beautiful, but I know that there is nothing good or beautiful about that. He loves her right? What makes it beautiful is that it shows his affection, right?

Wrong. Love shows respect. Love keeps its distance until it is ready. You never just go up and kiss a girl you like and expect her to be ok with it, even if she was hoping it would one day happen. Love keeps its distance until it is ready. Love stays pure, does it not? Also, where was the honour in sneaking to her room? Where was the honour in disobeying her parents? I kept this to myself, because I do not judge her. I am no better off on my own and I will admit it! But it is just very saddening to me that it is so difficult for the people around me to see the truth of these things.

I read in Proverbs recently that a foolish man will hate you if you correct him and it would do him harm, but a wise man it would help and he would love you for it. How true that is, but how sad as well. I can only have faith that Jesus can help the blind to see, but the sad thing is this: When they do see, will they still choose to be blind?

Please pray for me that I can be a good witness here. Please pray that I can show people that it is good to have moral boundaries. Please pray. Please.

Love, David.


Joyful Fox said...


Your son, David loves the Lord and what is right, and holy. How refreshing is that in a society that has gone so wrong!

That he has the love of Christ, the compassion, and wants to show Christ's love is beautiful. We will pray for your David. That he may be the light of Christ, that he may shine His light and love wherever he goes because he is the steward of the king.

Your mother heart must swell with love and pride for Him in a humble way.

Angcat said...

Dear Susan,
I echo what Joyful says, and think that David must have had some wonderful examples and discipling as he grew up, someone who modeled the morality and values he is talking about. And now he has allowed God to write His law of love on his heart.
What a gift to have children who love the Lord and His ways.
We will also pray for David on His stay there, to be a lamp on a hill,
and to be ready with an answer for the faith he has.

God bless you.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Wow, what a kid ... this, susan, is what you did.