Friday, May 23, 2008

What a Book!

I'm catching up. A week ago I was 24 days behind on the Marathon of Biblical Proportions. By the time I go to sleep tonight, hopefully having read the next three chapters, I'll be down to just 12 days behind. Soon the people who have been pacing themselves with more diligence than I will be able see my dust in the distance behind them somewhere. And before long I'll be running side by side with them again. I'm getting my second wind. I'm running my heart out right now, and at the same time, thoroughly enjoying the race.

I'm thankful for this race through God's Word. I've started to read the Bible through from cover to cover a number of times, but have always fizzled out somewhere in the Old Testament. Mostly I have stuck to the parts that I enjoy - like the Psalms. And John's gospel. Written in her own hand in the flyleaf of my mom's Bible, are these words:

"Reading only the portions of scripture that we enjoy will not give us the whole counsel of God."

I'm finding the truth that is in those words as I get closer to the half-way point. I'm finding myself looking forward to doing it again. To passing landmarks that will be familiar to me the next time through, and become more and more familiar each time.

I love God's Word. I love it's living-breathing-ness. I love that it's HIM coming through the pages to speak to US. I love that it is the key to intimacy with Him. A humble key... a book. Just a book that could stay lying on a shelf gathering dust, and yet the key to SUCH riches of wisdom and understanding. Opening the cover, and applying faith to the words on the pages, is the pathway to knowing God, to hearing his voice, to understanding his ways, to being conformed to the image of his Son. Isn't that just like him to pick such a humble way of revealing himself? Just a book on a shelf - taken down and read with a heart that is longing to know Him.
Just a book... What a Book!

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Belinda said...

Dear fellow runner, I too, am catching up with the rest of the pack, and what a blessing to get the flow of the stories in a different way than ever before. You are right about this book being the key to intimacy with God. What a Book indeed!