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Go As The Wind

God is our commander. We are to be as the wind, blown by the Holy Spirit wherever He would have us go.

I have many plans and hopes, ideas about how my day will go, with children, with my husband, with God Himself, and in my circumstances.

Often things don't turn out as I had expected. But I'm learning that this is not necessarily a bad thing. I am under construction and as is so often said, "God's plan is not to make me happy, but holy", and "He is more interested in my character than my comfort". And I do have an abundant measure of happiness and comfort in my life.

It really is all about expectations. If I have set out my wheelbarrow, donned my gloves and straw sun hat, equipped my small children with spades and pint sized watering cans, and my neighbor shows up...God has determined a different step for me than I had planned.
He took the disciples and made them fishers of men, instead of fishermen. Sometimes he takes me and sets me in a garden of neighbors who need tending, loving, encouraging in their circumstances...pour out some uplifting words, just listen as a heart is shared, nourish with scripture, bolster up a wilting one with a strong hug. The list is endless and is the work of the kingdom.

If I get up in the morning and set my day out in an orderly, pleasing fashion, God is bound to upset the apple cart. I think maybe He enjoys this, "Beloved, leave your agenda, your plans to please yourself and come sit by Me awhile. "
Then He sends his plans, and not always in advance, sometimes they just happen, an unexpected phone call, a sick child needing comfort, or not sick and just wanting Mommy to play, a new responsibility, a friend needing a ride somewhere.
God is the enabler and the director. When we yield, it is so good, and He blesses us in the midst of it all.

I have friends experiencing circumstances they didn't ask for; a spouse out of work, a car accident that totaled their vehicle, and the current need to work extra hours above and beyond full time in order to make ends meet.
Discouragement has been grasping at the hem of my friend's robes, trying to drag them down into self pity and depression. Life has not been easy.
But God is providing. He is faithful and is making a way. Character, perseverance and deep faith are being formed in these saints. And I am having the privilege of going along for the ride, as we pray and trust together. My faith is increasing too.
Nobody asks for difficulty but when we keep looking at Him and His intentions, we see the refining, and the helps He puts around us to nurture us through the circumstance. Then we can rise to the occasion, meet it face on, with faith in God's unfailing love and good purposes.

He will blow us where He will and form us in His image. We can strive against His molding, or yield to the Potter's hand.

" In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps". Proverbs 16:9

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