Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Many Happinesses

They've already pushed through, no longer shyly peeking up to see if the frost and white are finished, but bravely they burst in sweetest shades of mauve, sky blue and softest yellow. Little happy crocuses, looking like candy round my rock.
And their timing was beautiful as they lavished color on my lawn, just like tiniest balloons to welcome my Mum to her 70th birthday party. And such a day it was.
After weeks of planning, scheming, secret keeping (with a few near slip ups), scrapbooking, buying, baking, emailing and phoning...it was time.
The big day came. The house had been scoured the day before, with help from my dear friend Carolyn, who worked for hours to set the place shining. Now on the morning of, my sister (also Caroline) and her daughter Tori and I got to work arranging, cutting vegies, finishing last minute scrapbook details, setting out chairs and laying table cloths on. The house was festive, dressed in white, purple and green bunches of balloons, tied to doorknobs, stair railings, and curtain rods, while cranberry punch was chilling in the bowls. At 1:50pm people started to arrive. By 3:00pm we had around 55 people inside and the children watching out for Grandma to arrive. When the call came, the unexpected guests were ushered into the kitchen and family room, where they wouldn't be seen and she came in the door. It was only seconds of "Hi Grandma, Happy birthday Mum", and a hug, before the hall overflowed with people shouting "Surprise!!!"

Sisters, Brothers, nieces and nephews, church friends, neigbors surrounded her with a river of love, flowing down that hallway, with the flashing of many camera's like paparazzi hot on the trail.

She was surprised! The party was splendid, better than we could have hoped, as Mum was celebrated, loved, appreciated, congratulated for the years she has been blessed with.

Really "a picture is worth a thousand words", and I need say no more.

Spring is here, crocuses and Mum's birthday. We celebrate!


Belinda said...

It's a wonderful photo Ang; truly worth a thousand words--especially if you click on it to get the enlarged version. A nice shot of Frank, too; it's nice to see his dear face smiling out at us. :)

Thanks for sharing the party with us. It sounds as if it was absolutely wonderful!

Joyful Fox said...

What a beautifully written post! The photo is fabulous as well. I love the description of crocus' in bloom and the preparations for the day.

I rejoice with you at the success of the party and celebrating your mum.