Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Update on the Mission of Mercy

Just a quick update for those friends who were praying for the trip to the north. Paul walked in tonight at 7.00 pm after a loooooong drive today, all the way from Cochrane.

He has just begun to tell some of the stories from the trip. For now I'm just glad he's home.


Leann said...

belinda and susan.I know you like to read storys.so I came to tell you I wrote one with the Lords help today.it was a thought he placed in my heart and wouldnt let me go till I sat down and wrote.and as I did the story fold out like a river.
years ago when I was just a new christian and couldnt even read,I sat crying in my chair cause I couldnt even read his word.
he said to just start.so I did,then a while later he said Id write storys.at the time I laughed like sarah did in the bible.I thought Lord I cant even barely read nore can I spell worth beans Yah like I will write storys.
well he is making me eat crow today.cause there are 3 books and poem ,s and storys that he has given me.
so if you get time from your buzy lives stop over.I think you will enjoy it.its called "the lamb of God."

Belinda said...

Leann, I love your stories. I will be over to check out "the Lamb of God."