Saturday, December 08, 2007

There will be less someday--
Much less, and there will be More:
Less to distract and amuse;
More to adore;
Less to burden and confuse;
More to undo the cluttering of centuries,
That we might view again
That which star and angels point to:
We shall be poorer and richer;
Stripped and free;
For there will always be a Gift,
Always a Tree!

Ruth Bell Graham

Just a grateful prayer at the end of the day. Thank you Lord for the Gift and the Tree. Thank you for friends and for family.

This day started with pancakes and children and cookies and laughter. Chaos reigned in our kitchen as 6 grandchildren rolled out dough and cut out and decorated Christmas cookies. But oh, it was fun!

Yesterday, one of our friends Arun, who had read of the impending cookie fest on the blog, called and asked it was for family only. Paul. who had answered the phone, said, "Yes, it is, that's why you're invited!" So Arun joined us for pancakes and lent his hands to the cause of the cookies.

We ended the day with our friend Susan, at Yorkminster Citadel in Toronto, for the 2007 Salvation Army Yorkminster Corps Community Christmas Concert. The Songsters and Band were joined by St. John's York Mills Handbell Ringers. Emily and Mike, Susan's daughter and son-in-law, are in the band and choir, and this concert has become an annual tradition for us ever since Paul introduced Mike and Emily and it was a match!

Today has been a rich blessing.


Joyful Fox said...


I am blessed. You chose what is most important with your family to celebrate the Jesus season. As well, the poem was beautiful your example you show us how to chose wisely. Thanks,

Belinda said...

Thanks dear Joyful! I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday for another very special celebration.