Tuesday, November 27, 2007

White Dawn

I look and see him gazing,
At the snow so softly falling
Through the window
In the hallway by his room,
The quiet, calling.

5:40 in the dawning
Thick icing coats the rooftops,
While the streetlights still reflect
Descending flakes.
White coated morning.

I wrap my arms around him
And we breathe in silent wonder
At the world pristine
and perfect
Wearing frosty robes of splendor.

I wake the other small ones
Say, “the snow is here,
come see.”
Eyes open with a smile inside
That hours uncommon glee

Rejoicing in their voices
“Let me see Mom!
Dad it’s here!”
They bundle up in snowsuits
Off we go, the bus is near

Deep angels, real, impressions
As we wait they roll and play
Both the laughter and the romping
Keep me warm
O’ such a day.

They clamber on the school bus
And she chugs off
Up the hill.
Smell of diesel on the air
And my heart has had its fill.

I return to house and hearth now
Where flames are gently glowing.
Out my window
Like a picture
The canopy keeps snowing.

I love the first snow. This was last week and we were all so enthralled. Thank you Lord Jesus for the whiteness that blankets our world so quietly and gently. It makes everything seem so fresh and new and perfect.


Belinda said...

How beautiful Angcat! You took us to that white coated morning with your words. I loved sharing it with you and your little ones.

Joyful Fox said...

Hi Angela,

You make beautiful word pictures-what a delight to read. It was kind of exciting when I knew who wrote it before I came to the end of the first verse. You use adjectives so vividly and have a unique and distinctive voice.

The joy of your poem was as contagious as the joy experienced from the first snow. Keep on writing! What a blessing!
Now that I'm beginning to figure out this blog thing (just realized about the comments and how it works earlier on in the evening, I'll stay in the loop.