Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Thing in the Attic

It was a long time since I'd thought about it, so I was taken by surprise when seemingly out of the blue he mentioned it, and said that he was planning to get it down--to let it out of its hiding place up in the attic. I just wasn't ready.

A chill ran down my spine and I begged him to leave it there a little longer. "Not yet," I said, "I need to prepare myself." He listened and I was grateful for a temporary reprieve.

On Saturday my mind was drawn back to it through an innocent conversation with Frances. She said that she had been looking at magazines and thinking about decorating. "Isn't it wonderful?" she said, with a dreamy note to her voice.

I had to confess then that I didn't feel the same way, that my heart quivered at the thought. I mentioned Paul's attempt to broach the subject earlier that week and how I had stalled for a little more time.

I know it's inevitable. I'll have to face up to it--but I'm just not ready for the Christmas tree to come down yet!

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