Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What is the Value of a Life?

By Lorrie Freake

Last night I watched "Hotel Rwanda" for the first time. I was disturbed, angry, heartbroken and in tears. How can such a thing happen? How does one survive such atrocities with any faith in the goodness of man?

It is by small mercies.

God places people in the midst of hatred who have a heart for Him. These people risk all to save just a few. But they save them.

The world turns its back because "it's not our cause" and once again we ask, what happens when they come for me? We are our brother's keeper. WE, we cannot keep silent!

God has placed a believer in the seat of the President of Rwanda. Healing and forgiveness are beginning. Only this will prevent further senseless bloodshed in this fragile nation.

What of the other places? What of Sudan? What of the Congo? What of Nicaragua, India...and the list goes on...

God will place some of us in positions of active assistance. The rest of us, what can we do?



Leann said...

I cant even look at the things they put on about the things going on on the world it breaks my heart.I was watching one, one night and it felt like someone stabed me in the heart.

I said Lord dont show me this stuff if your not going to give me the money to help, or the answers to how to help!!!!!

He said you may not have the money or arent able to help.but you can pray I will raise up those who do!

and I prayered every thing he told me to pray.and awhile later I saw a man who had the money and ways to help was doing so.but not only him but others as well.

we may not be able to save the world alone but God knows the ones he can use.it just takes his people to pray.he told us how.
he said "pray the Lord of the harvest to send in the workers.well if we pray he goes into work and gets those who are able to do it.

I remember a man once saying how he had gone to a meeting.and as he sat there he heard this voice say give 10,000 dollors.he said he thought the voice was talking to the man next to him cause he was rich!so the man moved away from the rich man,cause he didnt have much money.
but as he got across the room and stood the voice said "Give 10,000 dollors.
by this time the man said Lord is this you?cause if it is I need to know for sure!!!
now he knew full well it was the Lord,but he didnt want to give that money.and he was looking for a way out.so he said Ill go ask my wife thinking his wife would blow a casket and say are you nuts!!! and he would have to say Lord she said no.
but when he told his wife what the Lord had said,she said then do as God said!!!
he was so mad he almost blew his top.but he just walked back to where he had been before and tryed to reason with God some more!

well if you ever tryed to reason with God you know he didnt have a chance.so he gave the money.the ministry he gave it to got what they needed to help where they needed to help.and the man got what his ministry needed.

so you see it pays to give God free raine here.if we dont ask him to interven he cant.if we pray as Jesus said"your will God be done on earth,as it is in heaven!"

so pray for the ones who have the means to do what needs doing.and pray that those who have planes,boats,food,shelters,clothes,what what ever is needed will step up and get the job done.
and know that the night you pray there will be alot of people unable to sleep or reason with God to get out of it.
and you can go to sleep knowing that the job is being done.
God bless,and use the tools God gives us to fight.PRAYER.

LoveMyStarr said...

Yes, we are all called to pray.