Sunday, March 25, 2007

Treasure in Strange Places

Matthew 10:10 (New International Version)
10 take no bag for the journey, or extra tunic, or sandals or a staff; for the worker is worth his keep.

Another wonderful Saturday!

I started the day as I usually do, putting on the coffee to perk--always a bigger pot on Saturday for a family breakfast with three generations around the kitchen table.

While the coffee perked in the kitchen, sounding for all the world like a wheezy old man clearing his throat as it spluttered and gurgled, I went to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

I turned on the radio and listened to Jeff Goodes on CBC. He was announcing a six week fitness challenge and invited those listeners who wanted to join in, to email the radio station. I was in with both feet! I've been needing encouragement to get moving after a winter spent in exercise hibernation.

So this afternoon--although it was cool and gray, with a fresh wind blowing--I asked Brenda if she wanted to join me for a walk. "Oh, can I come too?" begged Victoria, and was so excited when the answer was yes. Tiffany-Amber heard of our expedition and ran to put on coat and boots too.

Off we set--the four of us--the girls running before us like horses let out of the barn, long hair streaming behind them in the wind, eyes bright, cheeks warmed to rosy in no time. We inhaled fresh air and detected here the scent of a bonfire and there the aroma of hamburgers barbecueing close by. We listened to the twitter, trilling, crooning and chattering of birds--even the rapid hammering of a woodpecker.

The ditches ran with water and the debris of winter--pop cans and bottles, plastic and paper bags--all flowed along with nature's more gentle refuse of leaves, twigs, pine cones and seed pods. Victoria ran along the edge, precariously close to falling in and receiving frequent stern admonitions from her mom, who was walking a few paces behind me. Suddenly Brenda said, "Oh!" I turned around to see her shaking what looked like a muddy piece of paper. It was a ten dollar bill! Laughter shone in her eyes as she told me of the one hundred dollars she'd earned this week for some work that she'd done, and the ten dollars she'd put aside for the offering at church tomorrow. She said, "Mom, God just provided my tithe!"

Faith moves us out of our safety zone, into God's "I can do it," zone. Our faith does not rest in our ability to believe, but in God's ability to bring it to pass.


Brenda said...

I can only say that God is Great! When I showed the girls the money Victoria said,"It's like it's falling from the sky!" I felt as though it surely had. Placed by God's own hand to be found by His daughter. In my mind's eye I saw the delight as He watched me find it and the sheer joy it brought me. The same delight I experience when I am able to produce the same joy in my children. I feel so abundantly blessed at His goodness to provide even the gifts I am asked to give to Him. So I say Thank You Thank You THANK YOU and to God be the glory Great things he has done. I am "prepared to be amazed!"

Brenda said...

I also want to add that if anyone wants encouragement in the areas of tithes and offering they should look into the work of Clive Pick. I believe he has a book as well as some recorded messages. You can just "google" him and it will take you to his web site. I was directed to him by my friend Lorrie who has written for this blog and I have been so blssed! Thanks Lorrie