Wednesday, March 14, 2007


By Lorrie Freake

Monday night when I came home--late because of the weather--my dog Teddy was exceptionally happy to see me, his large brown eyes liquid with anticipation and adoration. Teddy wound through my legs (and being a large dog, this proved a bit frightening!), jumped around and followed me closely as I went to deposit my bags in the bedroom. When I went out to the kitchen to decide what to prepare for dinner I noticed he had some food in his bowl. I told him to take it and after he made sure I was serious (I had to repeat myself) he ate eagerly. Teddy was trained as a puppy to first eat from our hand and then not to eat from his bowl without permission.

After a few minutes I went downstairs to check on the kids who had been home sick all day. I asked how long Teddy's food had been in his bowl. Cassandra looked at me with horror on her face--she had fed him in the morning! She had made Teddy sit, shake a paw and then walked away forgetting to tell him "Okay, take it!" That poor, wonderful, obedient dog had not touched his food all day! He had waited for the go ahead! No wonder he was glad to see "mom" come home! He knew that I would make sure he was fed.

It made me think of our relationship with God, the Father. How willing are we to set aside our appetites, whether sincere or contrived, to wait for is go ahead? Do we wait patiently and eagerly for him to come to feed us? Or, do we feed ourselves, impatiently moving ahead of God's approval and timing?

We can take a lesson from man's best friend--let us become God's best friend and trust Him!

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Brenda said...

I loved hearing about YOUR dog today Lori.
Thanks, Brenda