Friday, December 22, 2006

More on Being--Fully

An added reflection on yesterday's thought about being freed to be more completely who we are:

When I first heard someone say that God will ask us one day why we weren't more like he made us to be, it made so much sense to me that I felt a release to relax, let go and be me. I stopped worrying about being quiet or being prone to expressing affection more freely than the average person. I generally became less insecure about who I am. I was more able to celebrate who others were while being content to be me.

Whoever we are, I think God wants us to be vibrantly and intensely who we are and not a diluted, "averaged out," version. I think he wants the essence of who we are to be fully fleshed out.

I'm really looking forward to reading the book I mentioned yesterday, "Cure for the Common Life" and finding out more about "Living in Your Sweet Spot," but one thing I have learned already is that being in it means saying no to other things, even those that come close or use secondary gifts, but aren't our primary purpose. If we are to fully flesh out our purpose it means prayerfully considering how we use the precious commodity of time.

My friend Susan wrote an added verse to the lovely worship song, "Lord You Are More Precious Than Silver," and it is a fitting end to this post.

In Your heart are many dwelling places
And there's some room prepared there just for me
And no-one else can take the place that's my place
So in your Father-heart I'll ever be

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