Saturday, December 30, 2006

It takes All Sorts

Proverbs 15:15 (New Living Translation)
15 ...for the happy heart, life is a continual feast.

I don't get much sleep and I like it that way. Even though my eyes occasionally betray me by turning as red as a closet vampire's or by slight puffiness (all right, bags), for the most part my body supports me very well in my poor sleeping habits.

My soul-mate and husband, Paul, seems to have given up on taming my nocturnal lurking--we do generally seem to run on different internal clocks. One of the good things that happens in a relationship though, given enough time, is that you begin to flow with each other's idiosyncrasies like water flows around rocks; the things that once may have driven you crazy--now--not so much.

I think that sleep cuts into my day too much and I fight every night to ward it off as long as possible. The morning--ah, that's another story--the bed so reluctantly slipped into, seems to develop magnetic powers overnight and when I know it's time to get up, I do so in micro-movements--very slowly.

Coffee helps--which is why so many of my blog posts start with me staring out of my kitchen window and describing the view. Besides being stunned by the beauty outside, I come to the window with my brain already stunned as I wait for that first fragrant cup of delicious, steaming, dark amber liquid.

Each of my friends is one of a kind and no two of my six grandchildren are mirror images. God seems to revel in creating variety and he definitely has a sense of humour.

Well, here's to celebrating individual differences--and to the precious gift of laughter.

Proverbs 17:22 (New Living Translation)
22 A cheerful heart is good medicine...


Dave Hingsburger said...

Belinda, I too keep very odd hours. But unlike you, I love sleep. Problem is it only has a middling affection for me. I chase it and it slips away, laughing. So I get up at ridiculous hours and read a bit and write a bit. So, next time I'm up at an unearthly hour, I'll realize that you probably ain't gone to bed yet. And strangely, that will give me comfort. HNY to you and all WEHS readers. Dave

Belinda said...

Dave, when I finally realize all of my friends have gone to bed and stopped replying to my emails, I feel like shouting out into the hollow space, "Helloooo! Is there anybody out there?" I feel slightly abandoned when I realize I'm probably the only one awake anymore--and that's when I go to bed. This sounds very pathetic--and it is! :)So I do understand! Maybe we should start a support group.

Leann said...

Im a night owl some times if I have to do my blog.but all I need do to sleep is say "now I lay me down and sleep in peace,for you alone O Lord make me dwell in safety."and I drift off with no problem.but if I drank coffee at all I would be flying the walls all night!!that stuff is the frist thing the Lord took away when I was born again.I thought it would be the cigs I smoked like a steam ingine.but no it was the coffee.and I never went I hate the smell of the stuff.and the cigs went soon after.its been 27 years.God bless you have good day.