Thursday, December 14, 2006


From Alvechurch in the U.K.. Here to celebrate Mum's 80th birthday:

On Monday morning we went to Sainsbury's to purchase food and party supplies to take over to the Sycamore Club--Mum's seniors group in Alvechurch. The Sycamore Club is a group of 20 or so seniors that gathers every Monday for the day, for company and lunch.

We bought rose and white wine, chocolate cake and jam sponge birthday cake, festive party plates and napkins and disposable but pretty champagne flutes with golden bases into which the goblets which were also festively decorated with party streamers, clicked.

We arrived just before 2.00 p.m., afternoon tea-time at the club, and began to take orders as to wine and cake preferences. A few people preferred tea, but the atmosphere was jolly and festive. The "disposable" champagne flutes were the biggest hit though. There were cries of, "Aren't these lovely?" and "Did you bring them from Canada?" "Do you mind if I take mine home?" and "Can we save them for our next party?"

So the disposable flutes were much admired, carefully washed--but definitely not disposable!

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Johnny Cash said...

Isn't that funny? It's usually the inexpensive things in our world that gives us the most joy. I guess when you're a senior you have to learn to be grateful for small mercies. Either that or be hopelessly bitter. Surely you must encounter some like that.