Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Call to Quietness

Luke 10:39,42

This morning in my devotions I was reminded of the importance of deep relationship with God (as opposed to surface skimming).

It's from that relationship with, and in him, that we have anything at all to offer to others. In our busyness, especially at this time of the year, we can become to him, a casual acquaintance, rather than an intimate friend.

Our relationship with him must be the primary relationship in our lives--less negotiable than brushing our teeth. We will have to fight hard for that though--and deafen our ears to other voices and impulses that draw us from his feet.

The prize of his Presence, and our usefulness to him, is more than worth it--but we have a Foe who knows this better than we do sometimes--and he will pull out every weapon in his arsenal to thwart our efforts to maintain that relationship.

Dear Lord, please still our hearts and our nervous systems, which are so quick to jump from the place of quietness at your feet. Help us to find the peace, strength and serenity that are ours for the taking, if only we are still long enough to draw them from your outstretched hands.

Mark 12:33

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