Saturday, July 02, 2016

The Whisperer

So grateful for the intimacy of relationship with God--his Spirit speaking to mine on a level that is softer than a whisper, but as sure as a shout...sweet communion.

As I quiet myself--embracing silence, God speaks.

As I still myself--creating space, God enters with his presence.

Acts 17:27b says that God is not far from any one of us.

Revelation 3:20 speaks of God standing at the door and knocking, with a promise that where he is welcomed as a guest, he will come in.

Daily I face a battleground populated by forces opposing quiet and stillness. My own undisciplined impulses and natural bents populate the field. My waking thought is to reach for the electronic device under my pillow to check the time. My next reflexive action is to check in with the world of social media. Before I know it, I can have frittered away my first waking half hour or more. Time gone forever from a finite day.

Late already, I battle procrastination--"I will start this task first--and then..."Too often the end of that promise--is broken.

I declare my own weakness to God and ask for his help daily in doing what I know is worth more than all the action in the world, simply waiting in his presence to hear from him. When I do, I find myself lifted from the dust of the day, into a sphere above it. I hear his voice.

I hear HIS voice.

And I wonder, why is there a battle? Maybe it's because there are battles I know nothing of that will be won or lost based on the choices that I make daily, that seem so insignificant. Choices as simple as leaving Facebook for later, and putting the care of my soul, first.

Because I want to hear from the Whisperer, who speaks in the silence...


Susan said...

Psalm 25:14-15The Message (MSG)

I love how "The Message" paraphrases one of my favourite verses, Psalm 25:14:

"God-friendship is for God-worshipers;
They are the ones he confides in."

Imagine! HE takes US into His CONFIDENCE! And tells us his very secrets... Oh, what a friend we have in Jesus....

And the next verse...
"15 If I keep my eyes on God,
I won’t trip over my own feet."

Yup. That too. :)

Belinda Burston said...

I love both of those verses Susan. :) "Confiding" is intimate conversation isn't it? So beyond me why he would care to confide in us, and yet he does...