Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Waffles and Waterways

I'm afraid it might sound as though I planned our vacation to the Netherlands and England around my own agenda. We did plan together, listen to each other's wishes and try to fit them all in! 

We left the visual feast of the Van Gogh Museum for a feast of a different kind. A friend had told Katherine about a waffle shop across from the museum, which we "had" to visit. She'd spotted it on our walk to the museum and we headed for it afterwards with an appetite ready to experience the waffles. However we stood before such an array of waffles (or "wafels") such as we had never seen before. We can buy "stroop wafels" in Canadian grocery stores, but these were, just made. Agonizing over having to choose, we opted to experience these--fresh--and were not disappointed. The delectable crispy parts and gooey, warm, sweet parts melted into our mouths deliciously. Katherine texted her friend to report, "Mission accomplished," only to be told, "No, those weren't the right ones."
Obediently, we tried the "right ones;" with strawberries and cream. :)
On our way to the waffle stand we had passed a sales booth for canal boat tours, and had booked one for later that afternoon, since the weather was so warm and sunny.

It was just us and a lovely family from Los Angeles, California, and our "captain," Erik, who did a great job of telling us what we were seeing.

Tori and Katherine took lots of photos, while Tippy sketched.
Paul said that this was the best part of the vacation so far. We all enjoyed the peaceful, relaxation of the boat ride through a city with centuries of history on every hand.

But getting back to my agenda, I did have one, and it unfolded over the next couple of days...


mercygraceword said...

Lovely. I can almost seat myself on the boat.
Excited to hear about your "agenda".


Belinda Burston said...

Thank you Deborah. I'm looking forward to writing the next post too. It's a wonderful way for me to "capture" the memories as well.

Dave Hingsburger said...

Writing it down is like creating a very different kind of photo album because words make pictures too!

Anonymous said...

Ah - doing something many of us can only wish for. Thanks for letting us tag along. Look forward to more!!

Belinda Burston said...

Dave, exactly. I love sharing the memories with others this way. :)

Belinda Burston said...

Anonymous, thanks for hopping into the suitcase! :)