Monday, September 07, 2015

New Season, New Day

This Labour Day was as hot and sultry as high summer. But a row of yellow school buses, shiny and clean, with numbers prominently displayed on their front windows; stood on a nearby parking lot; their seats waiting to welcome a whole new season's batch of young students. They signaled the reality that no summer lasts forever.

In the shade of a magnolia tree, I sat on our small north easterly deck, listening to the chatter of leaves in the soft breeze, and smiling at the irony that Labour Day, being a holiday, gave me permission to do nothing at all. 

This morning I did it--nothing, that is. I simply leaned back into my bright blue resin Adirondack chair and thought for a while, as the cars on the nearby highway zoomed by as in another world.

For me, this Labour Day is the first in 41 years that doesn't precede a paid work day. I have the freedom to choose how I spend my time and haven't stopped thanking God for that privilege several times each day.

The past year has been intense and busy. So much so that I found I couldn't write, even though there was so much to write about. I had little energy, let alone time, so I surrendered and focused instead on surviving with Paul the stress of his heart attack; trying to "end well," at a career I loved; and fulfilling a dream to travel to Europe with three teenage granddaughters.

And here I am at last, having caught my breath, embarking on a whole new adventure that feels like "school let out" and "back to school" all at once!

I have time for investing in relationships in a deeper way; to develop the craft of writing and greater skill in photography; time for building spiritual muscle; to pray; to exercise my physical body; to read; to have space for God's agenda.

None of us knows just how much time we have, but it feels like the greatest of riches to have more as I start this new life chapter. And I am so grateful to have broken the writing ice at last!


Susan said...

Welcome back! (I was getting a little worried at how long I was holding my breath!) <3

Belinda Burston said...

Ha ha, you can breathe now!:)

mercygraceword said...

And so can this pesky pest - who was sorry to have missed you, Susan and your peeps at Family Retreat last week - I didn't get back there until Thursday.
Look forward to your sharing as often as you feel led - no more nagging :-)


Dave Hingsburger said...

Welcome back!! I too have missed your musings and look forward to 'what comes next.' If I know you at all, I know that you will have no trouble filling the time you have because you are a person of many skills and various interests - boredom just won't be an option!

Belinda Burston said...

Dear Deborah, thank you for pestering me faithfully! :) You made me feel as though I had a place to fill! :)All is well with my world now that I can write again.

Belinda Burston said...

Ha ha Dave, one other person in my life has called my writing, "musings." Occasionally I aim to be a-musing, so it's all good. :) Thank you for being a faithful encourager and reader. And you are right, "bored" is not in my d.n.a.! :)