Sunday, August 10, 2014

We met Isaiah Roundhead in Mishkeegogamang and he shared a piece of his writing with one of our team.  When I asked, he gave his permission to share it here. 

I loved meeting kindred writing spirits among the people of Mish. He was not the only one!

Nobody is greater than anybody as we're all created equally, despite our strengths and weaknesses.
Each of us have our own responsibility, purpose and gift as we're all unique in every possible way. 
Humble yourself to Creator as we're all just specks of light and nobody is separated from all creation.

This morning we started for home and are staying at Lakehead University overnight. Over the next two days we'll continue our long journey home, and continue to share our memories with one another as we have done today as we traveled. I have yet to really write about all the experiences we had. Before the end of this week I will begin in earnest! :)

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