Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Journey Continues

On Sunday morning, August 3rd, we woke early again as directed by Paul, without whose brisk orders we would have probably not reached our destination until at least a week later! We had a drive of just over 500 km and about 7 hours ahead of us if we didn't have any mishaps, and we needed to get to Mishkeegogamang early enough to find the keys to the place we would be staying in.

About half way in terms of distance, we stopped in Ignace for lunch. It was the last stopping place on our journey before Mish. You can read about the town of just under 2000, here.

As we drove up to the Mr. Sub restaurant that was our lunch stop,  I saw Jamie talking to a group of bikers. I went on into the restaurant and then decided to run back to my car to get my camera to take their photo. As I stepped outside I found them all in a circle, arms around each other and Jamie, heads bowed in prayer. It turned out they were a group of Christian bikers from the States, looking for a place to plant a church.

They gave Jamie this cool biker version of the Bible. 

It was time to get moving again. Our adventures of the day had not yet ended. More tomorrow! :)


jeff jefford said...

What a cool story. Thank you for sharing the journey. I'm looking forward to what happened next.

Belinda Burston said...

Thanks Jeff, I'm glad you're along for the journey. :)