Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Community Feast

On Wednesday and Thursday in Mish, there was a two day Men's Conference at the community centre, followed by a square dance both nights. Pastor Mervin said that Wednesday evening would be a good time for us to hold the community barbecue that Paul and he had been discussing as a wonderful way to build bridges with the community.

Susan had brought her portable barbecue along for the event. Some of the team had gone out  fishing with Mervin the night before, and they came home with a big bag of walleye fish from somewhere (although I suspect it was from Mervin's freezer, not the lake! :)) Jamie had also bought a bag of frozen white fish for $20 from a woman at the community centre. There were hot dogs and buns and Paul bought hamburger patties in Pickle Lake. Sharon made a huge batch of her original Italian recipe huge spaghetti sauce with meat balls. The fragrance of garlic and onions cooking filled the kitchen.
Wednesday afternoon after the children's program, the kitchen was filled with people frying fish or making spaghetti sauce. I felt stressed by the whole thought of cooking enough food for all the people coming to the dance but I was the only one muttering, "I don't know how we'll do this." Everyone else was just doing it! 

Our mostly fearless crew set up outside the community centre as dusk was falling, cooking and serving. The people just kept coming as fast as the bugs kept biting us and hungry dogs circled us hopefully. 

But telling people,"It's free!" when they asked, "How much?" was so much fun; and,truly miraculously we didn't run out of food--we actually had some fish, spaghetti and meat balls to take back to the school.

 Christy and Tori made cotton candy non stop, all evening, until they ran out of cones, and the children lined up patiently over and over again for this treat that they had never tasted before this week. I tried to help but was hopelessly uncoordinated. I couldn't get the knack of going around the bowl one way while twisting the cone in the opposite direction!

By the end of the evening we went home so tired. 

That was partly due to the square dance--but I'll write about that tomorrow!


Susan said...

So glad you wrote about this... I had to wuss out on this activity and you guys were way too tired to tell me anything about it when we got back... :)

Belinda Burston said...

Susan, it always means a lot that writing it was worth it. So glad you finally got to hear about the feast!