Tuesday, August 05, 2014

A Very Quick Note from Mish

Oh, I have so much to write, but it is all stored up inside at the moment. We are striking a rhythm though, the eleven of us; finding a way to navigate our time together in Mishkeegogamang in what I think is a beautiful way. Now that we have settled in and there is actual down time, I hope to catch up. But tonight I will just start by sharing from this morning's journal:

Today we begin our second day of serving the people of Mish. Yesterday I learned hard lessons. We are trying to serve with sensitivity, but I have so much to learn, not only about how to serve well, but also about how to be in community with ten other people; exhausted all of us.

Yesterday's mistakes, in no special order:
1) Feeding the dogs that roam the community left over pieces of the tuna fish sandwiches we had made for the children. The dogs are generally well behaved, if sorry looking, and know their place. They are not used to being fed scraps; and feeding them created nuisance behaviour and a dog fight.
2) Not communicating adequately, all of us.
3) Assuming things of one another.
4) My worst mistake was too personal to write here.

Lord, please help me to be shiny with your grace and beauty today. We think that this trip is to serve others--and it is, but I see so much more:

The beauty and quiet dignity of Marita and her daughter Kendra. Teach me about my assumptions and my arrogance. I am here to learn and be shaped as much as I am here to serve.


Leslie said...

I love, "help me to be shiny with your grace and beauty today."

Praying that you excel more and more and indeed serve well.

Marilyn said...

I am challenged by your words....in a good way, challenged. Thank you.

Belinda Burston said...

Thank you Leslie, both for the comment and the prayers! :)

Belinda Burston said...

Dear Marilyn, "challenged" sums up being here! So we are both on the same page. :)