Thursday, May 22, 2014

Just Smiling

I was sitting next to someone sharing over lunch this week, the story of the latest in the pie adventure. I got to the part where Ivo asked me how many orders I could handle and I told him I didn't like to set a limit and I said to my friend that it felt like limiting God. My friend said, "Well I know you have faith in God but then there are the practicalities." I teased my friend--"Faith in God is the practicality! They aren't different things." We both laughed at how funny the conversation had become.

Because the adventure of the pies has never been practical from day one. :) I smile every time I think of the choice to become practical because I think that the moment I do, I will be stepping into the real danger zone of trying to go it alone. No, I will stay happily impractical--and hold onto God's big hand.


Leslie said...

Ah, as someone whose nickname is "Mrs Practical" you reminded me of an important truth in the post. It's so hard for me NOT to be practical. But your "Faith in God is the practicality!" is a wonderful way of stating where we really should be resting. Thanks.

mercygraceword said...

Reading this morning from A Godward life by John Piper - a Monday morning meditation on thirst - hearing Jesus in John 4:14 and he says, "When you drink My water, your thirst is not destroyed forever. If it did that, would you feel any need of My water afterward? That is not My goal. I do not want self-sufficient saints." and "life is a rhythm of need and nourishment - and sometimes even a rhythm of danger and deliverance...thirst is not obliterated, lest we lose our impulse to come to Him again and again for all that God promises to be for us in Jesus".
Praying we will all keep fighting the pull to practicality and every other thing that keeps us from throwing ourselves headlong into His rapids of grace and discovery.

Belinda Burston said...

Wow you ladies are encouraging! Leslie you encourage me to keep pouring out my heart because God can use even a few sentences. And Deborah, you just enriched my day. I love the thought of throwing myself headlong into his rapids of grace and discovery. So much better than white water rafting! Lol!