Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vacation in Bond Head

This is what "vacation" looks like if you come to stay at our house. :) All of those apples were peeled, and 7 apple pies were made, to raise money for South Sudan; and this was just one more in a stream of memories absorbed into the walls of our home.

As we peeled together I said to Eileen that I remembered her sitting and chopping or peeling on a previous visit, and she thought for a minute and remembered too, the exact occasion and what it was we were preparing for. 

I reminisced about when there was a deck where the large back room is now, and Mum and I peeled, with a glass of wine, got really silly and laughed and laughed as we sat in the sun and worked.

Later in the day I went shopping and while out I bought Bourbon to make Fannie Flagg's Kentucky Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie! Three of these pies for Easter weekend joined the apple pies in the quota for the day--can't wait to try a slice tomorrow evening at cell group.

I spotted Marmite at No Frills, and bought a jar for Eileen, to replace the jar that was confiscated at the airport. She was so happy to see it when she she came home later on.

A quiet day off, in the company of a friend; a treasure of time; moments cherished.

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