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Chris, one of the friends staying with us at the moment, said, in catching up, "So how has it been going since you stepped down from the worship team to study and write?" I wrote about that last year here.

 I made the decision in June, intending to narrow the focus of my spare time to the one thing I love doing more than anything else--writing. 

Instead, as I explained to Chris with a little embarrassment, life speeded up in July and I was consumed by other duties and callings for the remainder of the year and into the last month, when I have finally slowed down enough to take some time off. Still, it was a good thing to have already let go of the added time that would have been given to being on a worship team.

I was pondering this week whether I am silly to believe that God is involved in such small things as this, something so insignificant to anyone but me. What made me think about this was that I had just found an action that I was about to take blocked repeatedly, and I took it as a hint from God that I needed to pause and consider something more deeply, which I did, and was grateful afterwards for having done so. 

My friend Eileen put it this way, not knowing anything of my own thoughts, "God spoke and the universe came into existence--he created everything, and yet he can find me." Her brow furrowed at the thought as she said, "And more important--I can find him!"

I can't explain the sense of it, but I do believe that God intimately knows us and cares about the smallest details of our lives and I think it's because I experience this sense of guidance; gentle prompts; actions taken that I thought were for one reason but were really for another. 

I haven't given up on writing for one minute. I am more determined than ever to write the things that God gives me to say, as well as I can. 

And I want to say thank you to the people who read this blog. You are such encouragers with whom to share the journey; whether laughing at life with me or considering the bigger questions. Thank you for being there! And maybe Easter, a time of rebirth and resurrection, is a good time to turn the corner with my writing life. 

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