Monday, March 03, 2014

Wrong Poem

Susan just emailed me about the poem I gave to Henri Nouwen. She said, "I'm probably wrong, but wasn't it "Simply Being"?  The one about the horses in the field near the Dawson Manor where Upper Canada Mall is now?" and she's right!

When Dave asked, in a comment on my previous blog post, if I still had the poem and could I share it, I had this feeling that it had been "Simply Being," but talked myself out of it and into the other one, "With Open Hands."

Anyway, with thanks to my intrepid fact editor, here is the correct poem, which was, as Susan said, inspired, by the sight of some horses galloping across a field that was beside the mall. With their manes flying, they were utterly free spirited. I was leaving the mall when I saw them, having found my joy in buying "stuff," and was struck by the contrast with their joy in "simply being."

What joy there is in simply being
Touching, tasting, thinking, seeing,
Could there be more joy than this?
Simply being is such bliss.

What joy there is in being simply
Whether we are young or wrinkly
Could there be more joy than this?
Being simply is such bliss.

Being simply, simply being,
All the wonder I am seeing,
Of the gift to simply "be,"
Being simply is such bliss.

Belinda--whose universe is now in sync! :)


Leslie said...

Both are lovely and I'm so glad you shared the "wrong" poem with us, too.

Belinda Burston said...

Thank you Leslie! :)

Dave Hingsburger said...

I'm with Leslie, there was nothing wrong with the first poem and this one is lovely too. I've always said that there is a poetry to your writing and ... these make my point perfectly!

Belinda Burston said...

Thank you Dave! And thank you for asking about the poem.