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On Second Thought!

This week, during some precious time off I have been taking care of some of the things that I have neglected for a while.

I was probably supposed to be doing something on my To Do list when I got sidetracked by an on-line ad for the Organ Donor Registry.

I went to the Service Canada website, followed the links and before long I was staring at a list of parts to potentially donate. I've always thought that carrying a permission slip in the depths of my purse was a rather tenuous means of communication; so deciding that there was no time like the present I decided to register officially which bits and pieces of me to pass on when I no longer need them. 

Later that evening, Paul and I were having dinner in front of the TV, when I told him that I had registered and which parts I was donating. I could tell that I'd been more drastic than he felt comfortable with. 

"So how are we going to have a funeral?" he said, and I could sense his discomfort with losing all of me at once.

"You can have a memorial service instead," I said, but I was already thinking of how important it was for me to have those tender last moments with Mum after she died; I'd been a little rash, I thought.

So I went back to the website and found that it had been easier to follow the links to give than to find out how to take back. Fortunately though, there was a place where you could enter a question and ask for a response by email so I left a message there then kept looking. 

Perseverance paid off, and soon I had found my way to a page where I could make my selection again. This time I made my choices with family in mind and felt relieved to be able to tell Paul that he would have something to hold onto after all, if I go before him!

When I checked my email later, there was a message from a Senior Inquiry Officer named Wally at Service Ontario, giving me the instructions I'd asked for.

I wrote back:
Thank you Wally, I managed to figure out how to rescue my bones, eyes and skin from the donation choices. It just seemed too hard on the family member I discussed it with!
All is well again in Belinda-land.


I think you should donate a pie to science ... they could study and find exactly how much love you need to for a pie to taste as good as yours does. I can just imagine that dinner conversation ... yikes.
Susan said…
Good thing you have friends who tell you this story would make a great blog post. Too bad your readers can't see the twinkles in your eyes when you tell it. :)
Belinda Burston said…
You made me laugh Dave! Those pies are too precious to donate to science. I can imagine the kind of "analysis" they would undergo.Lol! Thank you for the compliment kind sir. :)
Belinda Burston said…
Ha ha Susan, I almost gave you credit and should have. :) Thank you for the nudge to write about the funny goings on around here. I've been so busy lately that I've missed just sharing a slice of our life, and you reminded me to do it.

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