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Just Joy!

Our family has a standing date for Sunday dinner on the first Sunday of every month. Not that we don't see each other at any other time, but we all know that particular Sunday is pretty much for sure--and I look forward to it so much--the front door bursting open and our house being filled once more with the voices and vibrancy of six grandchildren and their parents. 

This week Spero, Brenda's new Australian Shepherd puppy came too, and met his extended family, leaving Molson at home to have a rest! He was duly adored by all of us.

He came with a dazzling array of toys and is proving a fast learner, already sitting on command and responding to Tori's training. I was so impressed at her technique of quickly rewarding a turnaround from any slight naughtiness with praise for "good sitting," or "good" any other desirable behaviour! 

Tippy had her hair cut stunningly and bravely short the day before; making a statement about who she is as a unique individual, on the verge of turning 16. Brenda sent us this photo, taken at the salon the day before, so that we could be prepared. She is our quietly strong grandchild, vulnerable and sensitive, yet artsy and individualistic; firm in who she is. We told her how beautiful she looked and how the new style revealed her lovely features.

While they grow up, I struggle to keep up! I'm getting used to laughter at my technological ineptness. It is a rare visit when I don't take advantage of younger brains and/or Pete and Kevin's technical support with my laptop or iPod Touch--and this time was no exception. When Pete opened my iPod Touch, it seemed that almost every page I had ever opened was still open. I didn't know that you flick them upwards to close them down--I mean, how would I? :) 

Pete said, "Did you notice it was running slowly Mom?"

"Um, no," I said, while thinking, "You let me cook the roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding, and just take care of me with my electronics please!"

The Burston clan left sooner than Brenda and her girls, because Kevin had a Super Bowl party going on at their home, and they were staying until things calmed down back there; so Tori, Bren and I played a few hands of Dutch Blitz. It's been years since I played and oh, my, the rules are complicated! It took us some time to figure them  out again after not having played the game for several years, but soon Brenda and Tori were slapping cards in piles with lightning speed, and the chaos that is Dutch Blitz was in full swing, even though we weren't scoring yet. 

In comparison I felt as though I was sooooo slooooow! Again, they laughed at me! And I thought, "Is this what I have to look forward to in my old age?" After they left, I studied the rules again and realized that there was even one more factor we hadn't implemented the complicated set of rules about putting down cards.

I think though that I have them all straight now--I mean there are piles of cards named "post" piles, "wood" piles and "blitz" piles--and on some piles the numbers are built on in ascending order, others in descending order, and there are "girl" cards and "boy" cards and different coloured cards and four different sets of cards. 

So I have decided that this is going to be my mental agility training. Anyone want to practice with me?  I want to shock them with my speed next time they visit! :)


Anonymous said…
Dutch Blitz - wow, haven't played that for a while. It is a fun fast-paced game. I don't remember it being very complicated but difficult to watch all the piles in play. I do remember almost loosing fingers, or at least skin off my fingers, in the enthusiasm of play. I'm not sure if it is the "Dutch" or the "Blitz" but this game seems to bring aggressive tendencies out in my friends!! The best way to get better is to play more! Oh - and grow your fingernails, you will "own" the table. Ha ha!
Brave Raven said…
I think the years of your grand-daughters being told they look alike just ended!! They're beautiful and unique. And I love that puppy!!
Belinda Burston said…
Anonymous, I think that it's the combination of watching many piles of cards in different sequence, with numbers changing at high speed that does me in. But it is great for brain agility and I will "get up to speed" if it kills me. Meanwhile I will take your advice and grow my fingernails! Lol!
Belinda Burston said…
Brave Raven, yes--they are becoming ever more "themselves" and as for the puppy--he is SO warm, cuddly and adorable! He is on the go for hours at a time, wearing everybody out, and then suddenly his eyes start to get droopy and it's all over! And we all heave a sigh of relief. :) Then we can't wait for him to wake up again. Ha ha!
Angcat said…
Yes Belinda, we're absolutely up for dutch Blitz. I usually get bamboozled by my young, very quick handed children. Leaves my head spinning but so much fun. Let's make a date! :-) Although I don't know if playing more makes you faster...just shows how much faster the younger ones are...over and over. Lol
Belinda Burston said…
Okay Ang, that's a great idea. I should have stuck to playing with people just 20 years younger than me, not 50 years younger! If I can almost keep up with you, then I can work my way down the decades. It sounds like a plan! :) By the way I have an "extender pack" of cards, which means 8 people can possibly play at once. Can you imagine? We could have the Burston-Catrambone tournament!

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