Friday, January 03, 2014


In the morning we begin our journey home from Florida--from the land of voices that fall like sugar on the ear with their soft, "Honey's" and "Y'all's." The people here have been just out and out happily polite and pleasant where ever we went--the epitome of "nice."

This time away has been wonderful way to start the New Year--a gift--from the journey down through the states, away from the frigid cold of a recent ice storm in Canada--to the simplest of things enjoyed together as a family. I have tucked away some precious memories.

One memory is the excitement of crossing the border with Tippy and Tori, who have never been out of Ontario, and the laughter inside the car because I wasn't sure at which exact moment we had definitely crossed the border and could start cheering.

The sheer beauty of West Virginia as we drove by the Appalachian Mountains was stunning.

Just hanging out with two of my granddaughters for so many days strung together was a joy. Tippy, quiet; thoughtful; artistic; simple in her wants and pleasures. Tori, vibrant; funny; with a caustic wit that I am spared because of her affection.

Relaxing for hours and reading for sheer pleasure for as long as I wanted.

Listening to a boisterously noisy game of Dog-Opoly being played with high competitiveness and much laughter downstairs.

A day at Cocoa Beach, and watching children, especially, with their chubby legs and clumsy gait, enjoying surf and sand.

Mostly, the gift has been "being" in the heart of loving family; spending time with my precious daughter, who is a happy,  happy, upbeat creature and lover of people. And our son-in-law who serves his family with kindness and gently teasing humour. 

Back home Paul has held the fort and hosted pets who will no doubt be happy to see their main family again. 

I go back with tank filled up with rest, refreshment, love and energy. So grateful.


Anonymous said...

Wow - sounds like something you needed. (And not a pie in sight!!) What a nice break from the cold! A great start to the new year! Thanks for sharing some of your blessings.

Dave Hingsburger said...

I am so pleased that you had a wonderful and AND to have you back writing wonderful blog posts.

Susan said...

Sounds like the perfect break... Safe travels home.

Belinda Burston said...

It WAS needed Anonymous and it was a great blessing.

Belinda Burston said...

Thank you Dave, my friend. You are such an encourager--always!

Belinda Burston said...

Susan, we made it safely to Beckley, West Virginia. There is snow on the ground, but no storms so far...bracing ourselves for the bitter chill of home but looking forward to the warm hearts that await us there.