Thursday, September 12, 2013

Written in Haste! Read with Humour

I have a running list of things that hang like pegs on a washing line in my brain: Things to be done.

Last week one of these was looming. Our pastor had been busy organizing a "ministry expo," to be held after church on Sunday. All the ministries in the church would have a booth set up to communicate their vision and purpose to church members and have sign up sheets, hopefully to recruit newly interested people who previously had no idea that such a wonderful opportunity existed.

I needed to complete a description of the cell group that meets in our home each Thursday, and use picture frames to display the details. I'd been wracking my brains thinking how to describe "us," then I had the idea of asking the people who come, how they would describe our group.

They brainstormed a number of adjectives and I wished that I had written them all down, they were so good. The basic picture that emerged was of a group that was welcoming, about "family," and where you didn't have to be a biblical scholar to feel at home. And there was no question too dumb to be asked.

It was Saturday evening, after a busy day of going to the hairdresser; then for an afternoon out with friends; and then on to a spontaneous visit to Brenda with Susan, that I tried to remember all the things they had said. Susan helped a lot as she had been there, and I took notes this time! She even took me to WalMart on the way home, to pick up my picture frames.

I was tired before I went to bed on Saturday evening, as I made my display on the computer. It was simple, but I had it done. The next morning I set up the picture frames and the sign up sheets on the spot on a table, helpfully marked by our pastor: "Belinda."

It was only as I was wandering around the other displays that I noticed people pointing at mine and smiling. I wondered what was so funny. That was when Paul said that I really should have proof read and edited my display, which read:

Thursday Evenings 
Dinner 6.30-8.00 p.m.Bible/Book Study  8.00-9.00 p.m.
Important things to know about the Bond Head Cell Group 

Relational Family Belonging 

Food—we break bread together each week sharing a meal! 

Multi-generational group 

Currently 9 of us 
Come as you are and where you are at! 

No dumb questions

What I had meant as a welcoming invitation, "No dumb questions;" was being read as an instruction and having quite the opposite effect!


Anonymous said...

Okay - I am grammatically challenged, but can you point out the error? I could do with a laugh.

Belinda said...

Dear Anonymous friend, It does my heart good to know that you didn't see that telling people "No dumb questions," wasn't quite as unwelcoming as people found it! Ha ha! :)

Dave Hingsburger said...

Hi, I didn't see the problem either, I do now, but I read it the way intended ...

Brave Raven said...

You meant "There are no dumb questions," and people read "No Dumb Questions Allowed." Oh my. Most people know what was in your heart. It shows that your group has a tongue in cheek sense of humour. Who wouldn't want to join a group like that? ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh - thanks for explaining for me. I, like Dave, didn't see it. I assumed the best. Ha ha...if there were no dumb questions allowed I would be surely silent at the small group! ha ha...

Belinda said...

Glad it made sense in the end Anon. :)Since your original comment said you could do with a laugh, I am sure that I will provide you with many if you keep reading here.