Sunday, September 22, 2013

This Writer's Prayer

During the past couple of days I found time, energy and inspiration--the key ingredients to write anything of worth.

After my Sweet September post, Brave Raven left a lovely comment, quoting some of the lines I had written, and saying that she checks daily for just such a gift. Today in church I thanked her with a hug for the encouragement of her words. She, and a small but loyal band of readers make me want to write my heart out.

I have a target reader, I realize; that unseen and mainly unknown friend for whom I tap out the words on the is someone who may or may not have faith in God personally, but they are open and "listening." They read here because what I write is down to earth, honest, and sometimes the adventure of my life is funny. I have a list in my head of those I know are reading and I never take them for granted; I treasure and appreciate them.

This afternoon I wrote a writing prayer in my journal, and here it is, just so you know what I'm asking God for. If he answers, you will know it. :)

Lord, help me to write words of worth in a way that sparkles with beauty, insight and fun, and through which you breathe, and speak, even when you are not explicitly mentioned.

My big ask of you is that when you give me a glimpse of something I hadn't thought of, you will help me to share it simply. You know that I am prone to quoting text and verse, and can make things complicated and bookish, when the real skill is to do the opposite--to captivate the reader as you have captivated me. 

That's it. 

And if you answer my prayer, my heart will sing!


Lynda said...

Belinda, please know that your writing is valued and valuable. I truely treasure receiving your posts. My son is supported by the agency you work with. Gaining an insight into you as a person gives me comfort and confidence that those you emply share your life commitment. Sincere thanks, Lynda

Belinda said...

Dear Lynda, words fail me. I receive the trust on all levels.

Brave Raven said...

What a good prayer!! I'm sure the giver of your writing gift will honour your heart's cry. Using our gifts unabashedly is our way of saying, "Look what I made for you Dad!" It pleases us and Him. And spills over to bless others. Thanks for sharing your gift.

Belinda said...

Thanks Brave Raven, and one day I hope to read your writing too. I know that there is a rich treasury within you my friend.

Marilyn Yocum said...

This is a good prayer for all writers.

Susan said...

He's already answered your prayer. long ago.

More, Lord!

Belinda said...

Susan, I'm assuming you meant the comment in reply to Marilyn's and I am echoing that in spades.