Sunday, July 21, 2013

In Bill Fledderus's continuing class at Write! Canada: Finding Your Way Deeper Into Writing, we learned about the power of metaphor and how to use an object from nature that calls to us. Comparing a thing with a person can be a metaphor generator!

I decided to use a pine cone and write about...well, here is what I wrote.

Brown, light, life bringer, the pine cone whispers a message of rebirth.

To be born anew it separates from parent bough and sister cones, to be buried in the earth.

My mother's death was like that.

She, separating from her family tree like fruit that was finally ripe and ready to fall.

Separating as gently and easily as the pine cone. As naturally too.

No fighting against it.

Each created thing has its time

to be born anew


Marilyn Yocum said...

Oh, I love this, Belinda! I think the ability to focus for even a brief time on a single object and see what words come is a balm to the spirit in more ways than we know. Just think of all the things given to us in nature, all the tiny bits of Creation, so many, like the pine cone, just laying about, overlooked.

I love your separation thoughts, esp the phrase "parent bough and sister cones." I'll be thinking about that all day, I suspect....and it will be a very good 'think.'

Belinda said...

Marilyn, I could not believe what flowed from us in the space of 5 minutes of free writing. It was a great creativity booster!