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So Glad I Saw The End

By Belinda

I reflected on the important things in life recently in a post called What Really Matters. One of the things that writing that post prompted me to do, was to think about not letting opportunities to build memories with grandchildren, slip by in the busyness of work and other commitments.

This past Saturday was Championship Day for the BCHL (Barrie Christian Hockey League,) and my last chance to see three of our grandchildren play this season. I decided that I couldn't miss it--and I'm so glad I didn't!

There were three games--at 1.45; 4.30 and 5.45. I arrived at the first one in time to find my family: son, daughter in law, two grandsons and a granddaughter, there to watch our youngest granddaughter, aged 7, play on the team called the Timbits.

"She's the one in the pink helmet," Pete said.

Across the big ice rink I spotted her behind the glass enclosure, looking ahead as though her mind was somewhere far away, as, indeed, it turned out, it was.

With two older brothers who are excellent hockey players, she thought she wanted to play too. But she knew in her little soul by the second week that it wasn't for her. 

Her parents, though, had paid for the equipment, including that pink helmet, and their youngest daughter being a quitter was not an option. She was told she had to finish the season. 

Little Miss Timbit has a stubborn streak that she comes by honestly, and very effectively demonstrated that body and spirit don't have to show up at the same time and place.

She was physically on the ice, but followed the puck like a weather vane, giving it the scant honour of turning gently in its direction as it passed by.

I had the distinct impression of someone marking time; counting the endless minutes.

Pete told me that she had surprised him this week by saying excitedly, "I can't wait until Saturday!"

"Oh?" he said, thinking that she had had a change of heart.

"Yes," she said, "Hockey will be over!"

I was glad that I witnessed this great effort at reaching the puck! And Pete did say that he saw her skating faster on Saturday than ever before.

Watching this pageant play out was so much fun, as was listening in the van to her interesting explanation as to why she didn't like  hockey. 

Those boys "never passed the puck" and one always did "slapshots." 

The best part in Missy's short hockey career was obviously the trophy that marked The End!


Anonymous said…
What a honor to witness the dawn of enlightment, as in "I don't like doing this." Good for her - knows her mind. Tried it - just not for her. Will be interesting to see where she goes next. I love her analysis - the boys don't pass the puck. Get use to it Missy - story of men and woman all wrapped up in that statement!! Hope you are thawed out by now!
Marilyn said…
I agree with Anonymous' comment about her being able to say she does not like something. That is growth.

To the point of your post and the title....the best thing you can say about some experiences is that they are over and survived.
Marilyn said…
I mean to put a smiley at the end of my comment above, so here's one now :-)
Susan said…
I am NOT a hockey person. I tell my grandkids, "I do all that other stuff. Papa does hockey; I don't do hockey..."

But I do always try to catch just one game a year... If I go once (or sometimes twice) a season, they have to know I'm there strictly for "them" - cause I make no bones about it being not for love of the game!

That little Missy is a treasure. Reminds of those evenings one long and painful summer when Christy decided she wanted to "play soccer". We would have to listen to the parents of the other kids (the competitive kids) on the team yell at our kid at the top of their lungs..."WATCH THE BALL! GO AFTER THE BALL! RUN! RUN!" But she didn't listen to them, either.

She invariably played defence (where they could do the least damage) and though she didn't score any goals (not a single one - ever - not even close), her four-leaf-clover collection grew by leaps and bounds that year. And there was never a stray daisy left unpicked on her end of the field! :)
Belinda said…
Oh, it was the dawn of enlightenment all right Anonymous! :)

I am so enjoying seeing her in different environments--watching how she reacts and seeing different facets of her personality.

I'd had no idea that she was shy until one day when she and her family were visiting us for Sunday lunch, we invited another family that who were strangers to her, thinking that their little girl, who was almost the same age, would be a lovely playmate for her. She just lowered her eyes though, and withdrew into herself like a little snail. :)

I love her to bits and love every part of her persona as I discover it.
Belinda said…
Marilyn, I so agree. "The End," can be a mostsatisfying pair of words!

Belinda said…
Susan, poor Christy, and poor you, as a parent, having to listen to that! Glad she survived! :)
Anonymous said…
So, do I tell the story of playing hockey on an outside rink, temperature well below zero, no pink helmet ... actually in those days no helmets and in between periods we all helped to shovel the snow off the rink. No, don't think I will. Way to go ... find something you love Champion!
Belinda said…
Ooooh, Anonymous--your are a champion and a human zamboni to boot! :)

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