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Our Secret

By Belinda

I just got off the phone with Rob, whom I had called to wish "happy Easter." 

We chatted for about 20 minutes before I mentioned the main thing on my mind (I know, such self control;) the laptop.

"Oh,  no, Belinda" he said, "I didn't get it yet."

"Phew," I thought; but,"Well, you don't want to rush into these things," was what I said. :)

Rob explained (unnecessarily) all the reasons why he hadn't got one yet,  and also mentioned that he hasn't yet got the printer that he bought to use with his camera, up and running yet. 

"Well, these things take time," I said (truly agreeing with the statement this time!)

As we casually chatted, he said that our friends Chris, Eileen and Nel are coming down from Kendal to see him next Saturday.

"I don't know why they are coming," he joked.

I said, "Oh, yes, for your birthday!" 

He laughed.

We ended with me saying that of course I'll be calling him later this week.

Now, I'm still a little tidge worried. He knows me SO well. Both he and Paul are able to intuitively pick up on things that amaze me. We have this crazy thing going on where we read one another's minds before we say a thing, and often start talking about things that the other person is thinking. :)

Does he know? Is my brain safe from his radar?? Only 6 days from now, I will let you know!

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