Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Race Between me and a Laptop

By Belinda

Can you believe it--just two weeks from now, on April 6, I will be in Alvechurch, all being well. And I hope that Rob will have been happily celebrating his 60th birthday with me.

So this morning I called him to say hi. He was watching The Grace Kelly Story, but not "watch-watching it," he hastened to assure me. 

Bruce was sitting beside Rob, pressing up against him as firmly as he could and occasionally he giving a little bark as a bird flew by the window or some sound triggered his guarding instinct.

I told Rob that Molson's second litter of puppies had been born and that Molson himself had just had a trip to the beauty shop and was sporting a red bandana and a great haircut.

Then Rob shocked me with a piece of news. "I'm thinking of getting a laptop Belinda," he said.

"Oh, no," I thought; but didn't say of course; mentally calculating how long it would take him to get up to speed on the internet and figure out how to find this blog.

The impetus for the laptop is that he has taken up photography lately and has been enjoying it. And he has realized that a laptop is a great place to store photos and view them. Also his cameras came with CD ROMs that he hasn't been able to use. I sent him my camera manual and he's been reading it in far more detail than I ever did, but now he's ready for more.

"Just think, we could talk on Skype," Rob said. He doesn't have internet, but he has a neighbour who said he can come and use their connection.

 "I can't believe it," I thought. I was so certain that Rob would never, ever, break into cyber space.

Well, it serves me right for being so very sure of myself and sure of what I thought I knew about Rob.

There are just two more weeks to keep the secret and I'm still hoping for a complete surprise, but the race between me and the laptop is adding a certain frisson to the adventure!


Susan said...

A sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear; a thrill: "a frisson of excitement".

Thanks for adding a new word to my vocabulary! (And Ron's too!) :)

Dave Hingsburger said...

Have you told him that you write a blog and does he know what a blog is ... many of my friends who use computers don't really know or visit blogs. So would he know to go looking?

Anonymous said...

Oh oh - maybe tell him to wait until the 2nd quarter of the year is underway. After all - all the electronic stuff is released by the quarter of the year. If he waits until the end of April he would get new editions. Hey - worth a try - and it is true! Hope it works out. If he knows you have a blog no doubt he would do the brotherly thing and look it up or have his neighbour search for it. Yikes! Really hope you can keep the secret.

Belinda said...

Susan, that is a once in a lifetime achievement--adding a word to the vocabulary of such vastly knowledgeable friends, especially when it comes to words. :)

Belinda said...

Dave, he knows I write a blog because I have often printed off and mailed posts that I thought he might enjoy, especially about family stories.

I'm hoping that Rob stays true to form and deliberates long and hard before actually buying the laptop! :)

Belinda said...

Anonymous, my friend Frances said in church this morning that I should advise him to think it over carefully and not rush into a purchase. This stalling technique sounds good, and if I add the month of April to the advice, that should buy some good flight time! :)

Brave Raven said...

Oh no. The best laid plans....

Belinda said...

Dear Brave Raven, this is where such sayings must come from! :) Well, the worst thing that can come of this is that I am expected rather than unexpected. But oh, I hope I am unexpected! :)

Susan said...

I seem to recall someone walking right past all the snow in their front yard after it had been spray painted green and covered with pink flamingos - without noticing a thing!

If that is a genetic thing, and tends to run in families, then I think you're pretty safe. :)

Belinda said...

Susan, strangely that thought gives me hope! :)

swissdebbie said...

haha, never say never, I hope you will win the race...I will just send him a card!