Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Hillside Guest Book

By Belinda

I was on my way out of the church tonight, and passing by the handmade oak podium that holds the guestbook that stands just inside the sanctuary doors. The red leather bound volume has lain there for years.I glanced at it out of curiosity, wondering who had come to visit lately. 

It had been inscribed and decorated; by the company of pew revelers whose high jinks I wrote about last week I think! 

Visitors to our church will be welcomed by the smiling faces of two cats.

The "guests" left their names and addresses--no need to guess "who dunnit!" :)

Facing off across from the cats are two dogs. Equal preference being shown to cats and dogs and therefore cat and dog people! :)

I loved this--under church affiliation, one little one wrote, "Mommy is friend," and "I go here."And it seems that "someone" wishes to request a visit from the pastor. I wonder if he will go.

If I were one of our pastors, I think that I would go knock on their door after school with my Bible under my arm; ask for Miss Cassy G., and say that I understand that she would like a visit! 

Knowing this particular young lady, I don't think she would be taken aback for more than a second or two! :)


Brave Raven said...

I was sitting beside the "G" family at church one Sunday this summer. There was a visiting Pastor in the pulpit. Cassy asked her Mom quietly with obvious concern, "Where's Pastor Dave?" Her Mom responded that he was on vacation this week. It warmed my heart to see that as small as she is she noticed a missing church family member.

Another time, she was playing in the church basement. We invited her to sing along as we practiced Christmas Carols. When the song ended, Pastor Rick complimented her on her singing. She must have been just as impressed as we were because she incredulously exclaimed, with the animated use of her hands for added effect, "AND I haven't even had any lessons!" What a sweet girl.

Belinda said...

Ha ha! Yes! What a sweet girl. :) I love all three of those "G" children.