Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Making Beautiful Music Together

By Belinda

During my 11 days of pet sitting the Fearsome Five for Brenda, it became apparent that Molson's bed time is way earlier than mine. He showed me this by schmoozing his way onto the couch shortly after 9.00 pm whether I was on it or not. I think he preferred it if I wasn't, because then I would find him burrowing his nose deep into a pillow while wriggling himself into a comfortable position. I didn't think--no I knew--that Paul would not be impressed by an 80 pound bundle of golden fur on the couch--so that was my cue to settle him downstairs with Hazel the cat, Blossom the chinchilla and Sunny and Disco the cockatiels.

When Brenda got home she said, "Did you notice that Molson puts himself to bed at 9 o'clock?" Um yes, he did give me a clue. :)

Well, the old geezer's impression of a senior citizen has been blown this evening by making beautiful music in his very own garage with a female golden named Lyric! :)

Molson followers will remember that he is a stud dog--placed in Brenda's care on condition that he is available when, ahem, needed, but his services have been rather under utilized and sometimes he has been less than enthusiastic when sent away for a "honeymoon." The last time he went,  he spent several days having a bath, getting his nails trimmed, but not doing what he went for. 

Sheri, the owner of Maple Lanes Goldens his home kennel, had the brainwave of bringing Lyric to him, instead of upsetting his sensitive equilibrium by taking him "away." It seemed to work and he rose to the challenge with enthusiasm. 

I hear she's coming back for a repeat performance on Thursday--and if all goes well, there will be a fresh batch of Molson's goldens to bless this world with unconditional love and gentleness.

I just hope someone tells Lyric to be sure to come before 9.00 pm!


Anonymous said...

On of my cats used to like to go to bed around 9:00 as well. She would head into the bedroom, climb up on to the bed and call for me. And call for me, and call for me, and call for me. Me? I'm a bit of a night owl - I feel more creative in the evenings - I am NOT ready for bed at 9:00. If I did not comply (and sometimes I would lay down until she was asleep and sneak away) she would seek me out and stand there and meow pathetically at me, then lead the way to the bedroom. Oh yeah - that really does it - as if. It was endearing and annoying all the same time. Her twin sister was opposite - I would be bellowing out the back door for her at 2:00 am. She would run in breathless - wondering why I would call her - she was just starting to have fun! Animal antics are a little joy from our Heavenly Father. Oh - glad Molson found some enthusiasm for his task. So - do you feed him before or after??? ha ha.

Dave Hingsburger said...

I'm not sure what you meant to say in that last line but you do realize it can be read two ways. I'm sitting here giggling -

Belinda said...

DAVE! NO! I did not. :) Thanks for pointing that out!!! :)

Belinda said...

Anonymous, you made me roar with laughter, after I got over what Dave pointed out. :) You are such a good writer of humour--do you write? You must! You poor thing, stuck between two cats on different schedules.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dave - like Belinda I missed the double meaning of her last line. Naughty...but true considering Molson's "down time". Thanks for the additional giggle.