Thursday, January 24, 2013

By Belinda

The next chapter in Mum's story:
Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Two weeks since I left home already. I can't believe how fast time is going.
Mum continued to say how she didn't like, "the one who came yesterday" when I wasn't here, and no amount of my appealing for mercy for her helped. It's unlike Mum to take such an adamant stance against anyone. I'd hoped to meet her for myself  today, but it was another lady; Sandra; very nice. 
Uncle John was coming for lunch today at 11.00, so after Tracy, the morning Helping Hands lady left, Mum and I had a cup of tea and then I went to the village to buy some fresh cream cakes to go with lunch.
It was sunny and the birds were twittering, chirping and singing merrily. The walk to the village takes a brisk five minutes or so, but in that space of time you can meet several people who stop to ask about Mum. I love the village; it is a very special place.
On my way to buy milk I saw fresh strawberries and cream on sale and had to buy some. On my way to the bakery I passed The Flower Mill and had to turn back, drawn by a bunch of deep purple tulips that I thought would add a touch of spring to the house.
At the bakery I stopped to chat with Joan, who served me and who lives next door to Mum. She was anxious to know how she was.
I walked  home past gardens full of crocuses, snowdrops and the odd daffodil. 
Uncle John soon arrived and stayed for four hours, chatting about our mutual family news. We enjoyed a great feast of turkey and cheese sandwiches, strawberries and cream and cream cakes. The tulips did look lovely on the mantelpiece!
I am still really worried about Mum and whether my trying to help her develop a routine to put herself to bed is too risky. But the alternative is being tucked in at 8.30. I can't imagine Mum staying in bed, especially in summer when it would still be light!
Tonight when I prayed with her she said, "And you? How are you getting to bed? Through the window?" We just laugh together at those funny moments, but it makes me realize how vulnerable Mum is.
God has sent us two wonderful workers for the morning and night, and of course I still have the weekend folks to meet. The midday people are different every day so far, but we are getting used to each other and know what to expect and the sorts of ways they can help. I am so thankful to be here and thank you Lord, for this good day.

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