Friday, January 25, 2013

By Belinda

The continuing story of Mum...
Thursday, February 12, 2004

Two weeks since I arrived and one since Mum arrived back from the hospital in a pink cotton nightie, with a white hospital blanket around her to keep warm. What changes over two weeks! Good things have happened.

Tracy, who comes in the morning, is wonderful, and Karen, at night is equally wonderful. Today at lunch we met Julia, who I liked a lot!    
She'll be coming often at lunch and said that there will soon be a regular pattern at lunch as well as at other times of the day. Karen has actually asked to support Mum on Sunday mornings. What a blessing.

Mum's friend and close neighbour Trudy, came for a visit. It was so good for Mum to reconnect with dear Trudy, who is bright, energetic, and will be 90 on July 29th!

When I was in the bathroom this morning, Mum got up and opened the curtains. I think I worry too much. She can do so much...

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