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Happy Birthday to Susan (December 18)

By Belinda

We gathered last Friday evening to celebrate--just a few of the people who know and love Susan; my friend, and a mother of nine; with a rapidly increasing flock of grandchildren.

All she wanted to do to celebrate her milestone birthday--60 years on December 18, was to have dinner with a few of her girlfriends--so that's what we did, we gathered at The Whistle Stop in Beeton and we just hung out for a few hours laughing and enjoying one another's company.

Susan and I have known one another for a long time; she would know exactly how long--but I just know that in 1997 we met again after being out of touch for a gap of several years, and have been very close friends for the past 15. 

"Close friends" means knowing  each other extremely well. As with spouses, so in friendship, often opposites attract. We have had our share of crazy times, when the opposite parts poked our tender spots, but mostly we fit together like puzzle pieces meant to be together, making one another complete in ways that we wouldn't be without the other.

Susan is the best of grandmothers. I don't know how she manages to give so much individual quality time to her grandchildren when she has so many (over 16,) but she does! This little one is Ivy, her daughter Abby's little girl.

Her children are all amazing human beings whom I love, and her husband, Ron, is a dear person who loves her and makes her coffee every morning before she gets up, and comes to her rescue like a knight in shining armour, whenever she is in a scrape.

She has changed me for the better by challenging me whenever I am wrong, and forcing me to look at my blind spots. I am so grateful for her friendship.

Here are a few photos from the evening at the Whistle Stop. 

On the left is Christy, Susan's daughter.

This is Heather, a daughter-in-law, and next to her is Emily, with Jorie on the end.

Down below, Frances is playing with Ivy!

The photo above left, is Jorie; Susan's youngest daughter. And below is Abby, who is Ivy's mother.

Here are two of Susan's dear friends: Cindy, who is studying carpentry, and Paivi, who is a writer and artist!
My daughter Brenda with Ivy!

Cindy, Paivi, and Velma, another dear friend.
Emily and Jorie
It is called the "whistle stop" for a reason!

Abby and Christy above, with Frances below. Ivy was cuddled by many of us around the table like a little living doll--when Frances was willing to surrender her!

Susan thank you for being "you." We celebrate you and wish you a happy, happy, day!


Anonymous said…
Wow, now Susan is able to start collecting that BIG pension cheque from the Canadian Government
Susan, you are a wonderful, talented woman, who is made of such fine ingredients that you will never spoil in the fridge! (I didn't want to use the old wine gets better as it ages line so came up with my own, maybe ill advised, but what the heck it's the thought - right)
Susan said…
No time to respond to this right now... I have to jump into the car and join the snake of traffic heading to the GTA. But I will respond!

All I have time for right now is... when God was giving out friends, he handed me the best...

Dave, you are right. I'm pretty sure I will never spoil in the fridge. :)

And Anon. Pension cheque? It's bad enough I now qualify for the "senior's discount" in most places. I don't even want to think about being labeled "a pensioner"! Not quite yet, anyway. :)
Anonymous said…
For someone who did not have time to respond right now, you did quite well.
Brave Raven said…
She was the first person that spoke to me when I came to the church. I remember thinking, "I hope I get to know her better." Prayer answered in the most blessed way.

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