Friday, October 05, 2012

Fish, Birds and Furry Things

Introduction by Belinda:

An anonymous friend left this story in a comment on my post, Just Saying...It's Been a Good Week, and it was too funny to leave hidden in the comments. So with her permission--enjoy!
Well - thank you for help with my diet. Won't be eating pasta for a while :-)!! Makes you wonder. 

The motion sensored fishy made me smile too. I had bought a motion sensored bird that actually calls out it's matching call. (Don't ask me what kind of bird - it's yellow - that is the extent of my ornitholology.) I bought it to "annoy" one of my very uptight co-workers. The kind that turn their noses up at any stuffies or chitz-pa on or around ones workspace. I knew this would drive him crazy whenever he walked by...just to tease for a few days. It had it's desired effect. 

So home it went (not worth getting fired for...ha ha). Kind of forgot about it after placing it that evening in an alcove in the hall until my husband woke me up urgently in the middle of the night. 

"Something is in the house!" 


"Something is in the house. I think it's a squirrel." 


Squirrels are a great source of amusement in our family for some reason. Just the word squirrel makes us laugh...go figure. 

"What would a squirrel be doing in the house?", I asked half asleep. 

His voice drops to a whisper..."Listen".  Heard nothing. 

"I don't hear anything." 


 I almost went back to sleep,so intent was my listening. Not! 

"I heard squeeking on the way to the washroom. Couldn't trace it - but as I entered the bedroom it chattered again."

 "Really? You're serious?" 

"Of course I'm serious!"

So I thought I'd better check it out or I'd never hear the end of it. I head out to the hall with my hubby at my heels. My hero. As hard as I strained I heard nothing.

"Maybe he's gone to bed", I said, my words tinged with much sarcasm. "Lucky little fellow", I added with a smile. 

I figured since I was up, I too might as well use the loo - and then it happened. "Chirp, chirp, chirpee-peep-pee churp."

My husband was on me like white on rice. "There, there, there - did you hear it??? Sounds close!"

I flicked on the light and moved towards the yellow bird, whose head moved, tail moved and voiced sounded as I approached.

Now you would think that the discovery of an inanimate object verses rodent would bring relief, yet my husband didn't seem to feel that way at all. "What the sam hill is that???" 

I thought it was hilarious and chuckled as I told the tale - not so much my husband who claimed he could have had a heart attack. Of course having him wake me up in the middle of the night with cries of "squirrel" wasn't jarring at all!! :-)

So bring on the singing fish. It will probably go off all during the meeting :-). Better a fish than a bird - better a bird than a squirrel. And don't feed any of them pasta!

Post Script by Belinda: 
I now am the proud owner of TWO singing fish. Susan insisted I go looking for the one I threw out in the garbage--and, to her relief,  it was still there. She is sure she can fix them both! I NEED two singing fish with flapping tails, after all! :)  

I wrapped them both up in a white plastic garbage bag to bring them home from the office. When I opened my trunk, the movement set off the one that won't turn off, and from inside the bag I heard, "Take Me to the River, " the other song in Big Mouth Billy Bass's repertoire besides "Don't Worry, Be Happy." It thrashed around inside the bag like something that wouldn't die in a horror movie! 

I left them both in the trunk. I'll be seeing Susan on Sunday. :)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha - I hope no one reports you for having some happy hostage in your trunk - singing "don't worry - be happy" as solace to his kidnapping. And "take me to the River" as his cement shoes destination. Now there's a story!!

Great to have handy friends. The world can always use singing fish!

Susan said...

I'll bring my tools... :)

Tracy Campbell said...

Hilarious, ladies!
Happy Thanksgiving

Belinda said...

The fish are doing their job, making us laugh. I went with my daughter Brenda to keep her company while picking up 14 year old granddaughter Tippy from a youth group field trip late last night. I told them about the fish thrashing about in the white bag in my trunk. Tippy, in the back seat, burst out laughing, and the rest of the drive home was punctuated by spontaneous snorts of laughter from all of us. Now there's an achievement, making a teenager laugh. :)

Tracy Campbell said...

Will miracles never cease? LOL :)