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Just for Fun

My dear friend Dave wrote a post entitled Julie Andrews Take Note in which he shared a few of his favourite things. 

He invited readers to do so too, and link back to his post. So here goes. If you join in too, please link back here, or share your favourite things in the comment section:

1)Favourite Comfort Food: I LOVE homemade macaroni and cheese, made with a proper homemade sauce, topped with tomatoes and buttered toasted breadcrumbs. This is so high calorie that I rarely make it but I think I feel an attack of macaroni-itis coming on! Maybe for this Thursday's cell group--that way I get to share it and will not be tempted to eat it all. :)

2)Favourite Piece of Jewelery: It's a silver necklace that my mum's mother bought for her when she was young, so it is probably about 65 years old. The small pendant of cut glass set in silver, changes colour from mauve to aqua blue, depending on the temperature (I think.) I wear it most of the time. I once lost it and was devastated! I had been in three different towns that day and immediately called people to hunt for it. One of my coworkers found it in the parking lot opposite my office. I will be eternally grateful that it was found.

3)Favourite Movie of All Time: This is hard. I have a few that I immediately think of, but I think I have to go with, What About Bob, starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss. Here is a video clip someone put together with their favourite scenes from the movie. I laughed so much watching them that I cried. In the movie, Bob, the psychiatric patient, drives his psychiatrist to insanity. When I rented it in England, years ago, and watched it with my brother, Rob, he said, "So...are you trying to tell me something Belinda?" :)

4) Favourite Television Theme Song: Mine is from a British TV series that I used to watch with Mum during the 1960's: Stranger on the Shore. It was the story of a French au-pair girl suffering from culture shock in England, and there were obvious parallels with Mum's life, as she had come to England as an au-pair from Holland almost two decades earlier. According to Wikipedia, the haunting theme music, released as a single in October 1961, became the UK's best selling instrumental of all time, remaining in the Top 50 for 55 weeks. Here it is:.

5) Favourite Drink: Java! I love nothing more than a black coffee in the morning.

6) Favourite Piece of Clothing: It's a sleeveless black top with white polka dots and a scoop neck, trimmed with a frill around the edge. It is pretty, feminine and it makes me happy when I wear it.

7) Favourite Hot Dog Topping: Yellow mustard--and preferably just on the wiener without a bun.

8) Favourite Accessory: A belt that my brother gave me. It was hand made 30 years or so ago when he was living with us in Canada. It is brown leather and has a pattern embossed on it and has a hammered silver metal buckle. When I was in England a few years ago I was going to buy a belt and Rob dissuaded me, saying I could have his as it was much nicer than anything I could have bought. It's sort of on permanent loan.:)

9) Favourite Television Show: Candid Camera! I guess I just love to laugh. :) Here's a funny clip.

10) Favourite Thing to Do With an Extra Half Hour: I would say "read," but the truth is I am doing it right now--wasting some time here. :)

11) Favourite Joke of All Time: This is where I give up. I can never remember jokes. I remember the joke but not the punchline--or the other way around. But as you can tell from my other favourite things, I am a great audience for others telling jokes.

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