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God Didn't Disappoint

By Belinda

I got up this morning and came downstairs with such a sense of anticipation.

With hair still wet from the shower, and a steaming cup of black coffee in hand, I sank into our soft golden leather couch and pulled out books from my lime green needle-cord book bag.

Among other things that I read, I chose to read my favourite psalm: number 84! I read it slowly, enjoying the beauty of the very familiar words. 

I noticed verse 5, which says: Blessed are those whose strength is in you, in whose heart are the highways of Zion.

And I wondered what it means--to have a heart in which "are the  highways to Zion."

All too soon I had to finish getting ready for church and put aside my pondering for the moment. 

In church I thought about today being Pentecost Sunday, and about the wind and fire that came on the first Pentecost after Christ's death. Less welcome thoughts lurked like intruders at the edges of my consciousness, threatening distraction. The thoughts were of potential losses, but I corralled my wayward mind, laid them down and let them go--not just the thoughts, but the potential of loss of anything in reality. I realized that if all I have is God, I have everything, and anything else is a gift from him to be received in gratitude.

Later in the service I had a picture of a figure, arms wrapped around a bigger figure, pressing into him in a wind storm. Her clothing streamed out in the wind, but she held on tight to the one she was clinging to. The wind blew away all else but him, but he remained.

Out in our sun porch, at the end of this good day, with a crescent moon, high, high in the sky, I opened a book in which I write out favourite scripture passages. I think I found the answer to my morning question in a poem I wrote there, inspired by Leviticus 27:21: When a field is released in the Jubilee; it will become holy, like a field devoted to the Lord....

I long to be to you my King,
a field devoted to the Lord.
For you my soul and spirit sing
For you my heart beats, and I cling
to you alone

I long to have my heart ploughed deep;
a field devoted to the Lord.
The hardened clods of clay that sleep,
Awakened, broken, in his keep,
for him alone...

Belinda, February 11, 2008


Anonymous said…
The image of the higways or pathways to Zion is beautiful. The people would "march to Zion" singing all the way - the Psalms (songs). To have a heart with the highways of Zion is to have a heart of praise and anticipation, worship and undivided purpose. Wonderful meditation!
Belinda said…
I love that expansion on what it means to have a heart with the highways of Zion, Anon. Thank you for sharing that clue about the march to Zion. Having been to the Holy Land last year, I can imagine that march so well. "Praise and anticipation, worship and undivided purpose," it doesn't get much better than that!
Susan said…
Just to add something...

Do you think that when "in our hearts are the highways to Zion", it could also mean that when we interact with other people they are getting something from us that is pointing them straight to Zion - we become a catalyst, so to speak, making it easier for them to come into a revelation of God's presence too. Our relationship with God incites in them a desire for pilgrimage to Zion too (where God lives and worship abounds) - and a desire to go "higher" and press into God with hearts of joyful abandon...
Belinda said…
Susan, Totally! All the greater reason to be connected and flowing in his Spirit.

I loved your elaboration.

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