Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Update

By Belinda

Just a quick update tonight. Mum moved onto a different ward and is still in isolation. Rob had to wear a plastic apron when in the room and a nurse chided him when he tried to leave the room with it on to get a smaller chair so that he could actually sit beside the bed. He quite sensibly wondered why it would make a difference as he would eventually be leaving with his coat which had been in the room. Never mind. We both agreed that we appreciated all efforts to keep patients safe from infection in hospitals.

Mum's speech was a little bit better. When Rob arrived she said twice, "I didn't think that you were going to come," and she said, "I'm wondering when I can come home."

Rob said though that she's looking very old and very frail and told me, "I don't want to build your hopes up Belinda."

Friends will be driving down from both Newcastle, and Kendal in the Lake District, this weekend, so she will be surrounded with a lot of love.

I'm grateful: for God sending Liz, as an indication of his special care; for Rob's faithful support; for all the times we have spent lavish time together just simply enjoying and loving one another and for the support and prayers of our friends.

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