Saturday, February 25, 2012

She is on My Mind

By Belinda

I'm writing this at the time I would normally be talking to Rob and Mum on a Saturday morning, but this morning, Rob called earlier than usual.

As he always does at times like this, he started by saying, "I don't want to worry you Belinda, but I wanted you to know..."

I spoke to them both on Monday, but since then Mum has had gastr-enteritis, become dehydrated and is taking in only about half an inch in a glass of fluid a day. Three days of that and she is very weak and not really lucid.

Rob said she has grabbed for his hand several times and kissed it, and has "that faraway look in her eyes."

There is a nurse on Mum's fleet of Helping Hands ladies, named Julie. Julie said that she would call the paramedics normally at a time like this, so after a day of agonizing over that decision because Mum normally fiercely fights leaving home, Rob was about to call.

She's on my mind and I'm praying that she will feel Jesus close by. 


Susan said...

She's on our minds too. And on our hearts. And we'll all be praying. Thanks for letting us know...

Dave Hingsburger said...

Oh Belinda, our prayers join with all the others.

Belinda said...

Thank you Dave, Joe and Susan for your prayers. More news follows on the blog. Your support means so much.