Friday, February 03, 2012

I Too am a Bunny Eater

By Belinda

Susan left a cryptic comment on the last blog post, referring to being a "bunny eater," and Dave confessed to confusion (I don't know why! :)) This is to explain... Really, the rabbits of the world are quite safe around here, for the kind of bunny Susan referred to did not come with fur. 

It was at cell group a few years ago, shortly after Easter, that my friend Frances; mother of three of our God-children, confessed to a dastardly deed. I had bought all three children a gold foil wrapped, Lindt chocolate bunny for Easter. Frances said that when Summer-Lily searched for hers and couldn't find it, she had to own up.

I let out a gasp with a disbelieving, "Oh...Frances--you didn't!" 

She ate her child's Easter egg! "Bad, bad, Frances," must have come across loud and clear.

And the conversation went on to other things. But, as it did, I had another conversation going on in my head and heart, as you might imagine.

After about ten minutes, I could stand it no longer; out of the blue I blurted out, "I'm sorry, I have to say this; I, too, am a bunny eater!"

And of course I am. There have been countless such "transgressions!"  :)

And once we had all finished laughing, we had a new phrase to use, which none of us there have ever forgotten; to be used when we are in danger of looking down with judgement on someone else's failings: "I too, am a bunny eater."

Thanks for asking Dave! :)


Susan said...

My name is Susan and I too, am a bunny-eater. :(

Belinda said...

Ha ha! At least we know we aren't alone Susan.

Marilyn said...


Dave Hingsburger said...

Oh. My. I will seem like a real prig for I don't eat furry bunnies and I don't eat chocolate bunnies. The first because I'm vegetarian and the second because I'm odd about Easter. No need to get into the explanations of either of those here. But I admit, from the description of the phrase and it's meaning, I certainly do, I suppose, eat bunnies spiritually.

Susan said...

I just realized over breakfast, that I'm also a honey beater.