Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From Liz

By Belinda

I had an email from Liz, my paramedic friend in England this morning. This is what she had to say (below.) God's angel of mercy at just the right moment. How wonderful that when I cannot be there, God has his agents to take our place.

Hello Belinda,Hope you are all well.I was at Redditch hospital today, and when my colleague and i went onto M.A.U ward, i recognised a familiar face........your lovely Mum Peiter. I was surprised to see her through the window of a side room. I asked the nurse if it was at all possible to go and say hello before we went. Your Mum said yes  when i asked her if she remembered me, and Robert said he did, it would have been from the photo's. It was lovely to see your mum again, but obviously not in hospital.......hoping she makes a speedy recovery.I do hope the nurse took the sponges in to your mum, i asked her for. They will help to moisten her mouth and freshen it for her. I know Robert came out and asked for them before we went,  and i told him to ask again in 10 mins, if they forgot.......they do get very busy on the ward, but patients still need certain things for their comfort.Take care, sending big hugs, and best wishes across the waves. Liz xx


Susan said...

Wow, what a testimony to the tender heart of a loving Father who not only hears and answeres prayer, but brings comfort to an anxious heart.


Belinda said...

Amen sister!

Dave Hingsburger (on another computer) said...

And also a testimony to the tender heart of friends and to the depth of the wonderful human spirit. When the two spirits combine 'holy' and 'human' ... remarkable things happen.

Belinda said...

Dave, all that you said is so true. Liz arriving when she did was such an indication to me that God has Mum covered.