Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Little More on Mum

By Belinda

Rob's words last night when we talked were, "There's a lot of concern in 'The Close'," (about Mum.) The parking issues and recent local tragedy are eclipsed by care for one of their own.

I dropped my bags in the hallway on my way to the phone after morning church today.

Rob was expecting my call and had encouraging news. Mum is comfortable and peaceful. She isn't stressed or anxious about being in the hospital (which normally she hates.) She still hasn't got her speech back; Rob wonders if she had a small stroke. Lots of tests are being done though and her care could not be better.

My dear brother who is very fastidious and fussy in a good way, said that she smells clean and her bed is set to the perfect position. Apparently the hospitals in the U.K. have had a lot of bad press lately and standards of care are being raised since being under the microscope.

Her expression was serene and the smile that is always on her face was there. Even though her eyes were unfocused, she gripped two of Rob's fingers and gave them a squeeze.

John, my nephew was there with Rob. How much support our own kids can be at times like this. One generation supporting another.

Rob was feeling at a bit of a loose end without Mum to care for, but he still went downstairs and ate in Mum's flat, as is his routine. 

Bruce was in the background barking now and again, and Rob commented on the fact that during the three days that Mum was in bed, he didn't once jump up on the bed, which he normally would do. He seemed to intuitively know not to.

So, Mum landed safely on a shore she needs to be on right now and there is only peace, knowing that she is lifted up in prayer and getting good care.


Marilyn said...

"Landed safely." Is there a better summary ever?
Am following your reports and praying.

Belinda said...

Oh, Marilyn, thank you for your prayers. That means SO much.