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By Belinda

Tonight at worship practice we learned this beautiful song. Susan and I both said we were putting it in our funeral files on our computers! Yes--we both have one and Susan even remembered an obscure song I once loved and said I wanted sung (what a faithful friend.)

My only regret is that I won't be there to enjoy it--but who knows, maybe God will let me hover in the rafters and sing along when the time comes. But I think that by then I will be singing with a choir so amazing that nothing would draw me back to earth--not even my favourite songs! :)



Janet Sketchley said…
Oh, I like this song! Thanks for sharing it. (I have a funeral file too, except it's a list tucked in my Bible. A few songs for the event, and a bunch of songs for a visitation-time soundtrack.)
Belinda said…
Oh Janet, isn't it funny that we are all preparing ahead, we lovers of music--especially songs of worship?!

I hadn't even thought of the visitation time soundtrack! :)

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