Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Very Busy Day

By Belinda

It has been a wildly busy day. This week I am preparing for eye surgery, which is next week on Thursday. I have three pre-op appointments today and tomorrow; and the one tomorrow, is 3-4 hours. And it is the week of The Word Guild Awards Gala and Write! Canada, a conference, two events I would not miss if I could help it.

This morning I went for one appointment, with my ophthalmologist. He peered into my eye and asked it I could leave my contacts out for a few days. I must have winced because by his reaction I felt compelled to explain that I am going to a gala tomorrow night. He was so interested in the gala and wanted to know what I was wearing. "I haven't decided," I said, "But probably something I already have."

He laughed. I guess he has a wife and daughters and knows something about women because upon thinking it over as I left his office, I headed for the mall--where I had been going to buy some shoes, but now I decided to also see if there was something there that might go with the shoes!

I saw a store I  hadn't been in before: Forever 21, and soon lost track of time as it is easy to do when trying on clothes. When I glanced at my watch I was shocked to see that it was 12.00 noon. My next doctor's appointment, for a physical, was at 12.45, so I decided to leave right then and come back afterwards. I felt the sweet and unaccustomed sensation of knowing that I was going to be on time for the appointment, early even, as it was in the next town down the road.

Well, the sweet sensation was over quickly, because a few minutes down the road I remembered that I had intended to go home after the first appointment and the forms which the doctor was to fill out were still there.  I turned at the next side street and headed for Bond Head. By driving very quickly I got to the doctor's office 15 minutes late. Fortunately he was also running late and I was still early on doctor time.

After the doctor's appointment I went back to the mall and found a beautiful dress that happened to be 50% off.

Four friends: Frances, Susan, Irene, Jamie and I are going to the gala together. They are coming to the event because it is an important one for me, not because I am winning an award, but to hear one of the speeches to accompany the giving of an award, that I had the privilege of writing! Really it is a night when we have an excuse to go out, get dressed up and have a special time together. We are all going out to dinner first at a nearby Indian Restaurant: Nirvana.

Frances called at 10.15 pm to discuss what she is wearing. When I told her that I'd been to 21 Forever (although the dress I bought for tomorrow came from another store) she told me that it is a store owned by Christians and that there is a text on the bags. I checked it out, and sure enough, there it was, on the bag: John 3:16, How cool.

Then it was on to "Frances."

She said "It behooves me to be beautiful for my friends!" And of her dress she said, "I tried it on when I got home and Summer's (her daughter) face hit the floor. It is strapless gathered at the cleavage and it falls from there. a grecian cut, something summery, grayish blue and white with a white shrug, white sandals and silver polish for my toes."

Frances said,  revelling in the thought of getting dressed up, "I am icing. A substantial icing; butter-cream; rich. I enhance. I don't just make Brian (her husband) better--Brian the cake--but I'm a woman--I'm beautiful."

This is one of my dear friends--a rich, butter-cream icing friend--a friend who is making this evening special with her presence and going all out to enter into the joy of it all.. And I am laughing at the thought that Brian is a cake to her icing.


Olson Family said...

Made me smile all the way through! What a grace-filled, delicious-in-a-butter-cream-frosting way, day!!

Belinda said...

Dear Sharon, Then you are part of this evening too! I would love to have you here in the flesh, but "in the spirit" still adds to the celebration. :)

Dolores Ayotte said...

Congratulations on writing the speech for the gala. I'm sure you will look great in your new dress that you bought to match your shoes. That is so precious. You sound like you do things the way I do. And...last but not least it sounds like you're having cataract surgery. My husband had both his eyes done and it felt like a miracle. Good luck with yours!

Dave Hingsburger said...

Go Belinda! I hope you have a terrific time and that you post photos of the evening. It will be wonderful for you to hear your words broadcast - good on you!

N. J. Lindquist said...

Didn't know you were having cataract surgery. Hope all goes well. As you know, I've had both eyes done this past year. Nice to be able to see clearly.

Yes. love the opportunity (so rare!) to dress up and feel beautiful.

Belinda said...

N.J. I always love to see what you are wearing. You dress beautifully. I too, love black and white with red accents. :)

I am so looking forward to the surgery--counting the days now. :)